Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Royal Tea Parties and Pink Gift Bags

Tiaras and Trotters

When I was younger I used to love to play dress up. I would teeter around in my mom's high heels, wearing a glamorous frock and a tiara. Selecting the perfect outfit was always followed by "putting on my face." I would sit down at my mother's vanity and cover my face in powder, blush, red lipstick, and blue eyeshadow. I only had a few items in my makeup bag, so it was the same "face" every time. Then I would host a royal tea party fit for a princess, or so I thought anyway. The guests were normally my stuffed animals and dolls, but sometimes I was able to convince friends or family to join me.
My mom sometimes gets together with her good friends for afternoon tea. They will often wear very large obnoxious hats that would be well suited for the Kentucky Derby. In recent years I have returned to hosting tea parties for my friends. We typically take the time to catch up on all of the important issues (like whether Britney Spears will ever be able to make a comeback).
I think it is fun to put together little gift bags for the tea parties. One time I asked everyone to go out and purchase their favorite lip gloss and bring it for an lippy exchange. As it turns out, most of my friends are Juicy Tubes addicts. Anyway, I think they enjoy the gift bags and I enjoy putting them together. I normally include a few inexpensive items that I think all of them will like. I have discovered a few items that I plan on including in the next gift bag.
I definitely plan on including Oral Fixation Fabulous Fruit Gourmet Mints. They are really yummy and charitable. Oral Fixation will be donating 5% of profits during the month of October to the American Cancer Society.

Also in October, NYX Cosmetics will be donating a portion of the profits from The Ultimate Pearl Eye Shadow in Baby Pink Pearl to the National Breast Cancer Coalition. It is a subtle shade that I think will work well for most women, so I think that makes it a good pick for the Pink Gift Bag.

Sircuit Cosmeceuticals will be donating 50% of its profits from the sales of Suggah, an anti-aging lip plumper, to The Susan G. Komen Foundation.

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